Rachel Chaikof

I help people appreciate other cultures rather than fear them, and to use the same understanding that I continue to gain to make an impact on the world.


Miss Travel Girl

Miss Travel Girl

Featured on TravelBlogs.com, Greenheart Travel, and in the UK’s The Weekly News; 5,000+ unique visitors since inception.

Design, HTML CSS, Writing, Photography

Cochlear Implant Online
Cochlear Implant Online

Cochlear Implant Online was founded in 2001 to create a better awareness of cochlear implants and that deaf children can learn to speak and hear.

Today, the website receives thousands of visitors per month from all over the world. Cochlear Implant Online is currently collaborating with Lehnhardt – Academy, an educational unit of a Switzerland-based health consultancy company, to provide quality online seminars.

Design, HTML, CSS, Social Media Management, Writing

Cochlear Celebration
Cochlear Celebration Central

I created a one-stop shop social media catch all for a conference held by Cochlear Americas.

Design, HTML, CSS

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I specialize in travel and documentary photography. My goal is to correct the media’s inaccurate portrayal and stereotyping of other countries and to, instead, improve cultural awareness through education.

Check out my photography portfolio.

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I love learning new information and visualizing them. I have been exploring how I can effectively teach the world through design.

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Social Media Design

I've done various online marketing designs. Here are designs I did for Cochlear Americas and Invup's Facebook pages.

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Activism is near and dear to my heart. I've done a few film projects to spread important messages such as why volunteering is important and teaching is meaningful. Check out more examples of my videos.

Also, check out my 15-minute documentary film about international students' experiences in London.